Gareth Morgan

Curriculum & Educational Technology Consultant

Tel: 07512 739359      Email:

Tel: 07512 739359      Email:

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About me

- A primary school teacher by profession.

- A consultant with substantial educational ICT experience of working in partnership with schools.

- Over 9 years of experience working for Newport LA school improvement service.

- Previously worked for the Welsh Government as Hwb Networks and ICT subject adviser.


What I Do

- Offer strategic advice for the use of technology for learning and teaching and organisational effectiveness.

- Provide bespoke advice, support, courses and in-school training to primary schools in the use of digital educational tools such as Office 365, G Suite for Education, Purple Mash, Just2Easy and creativity tools such as Apple Garageband and iMovie.


Why Choose Me

- Someone who is passionate about ICT and 21st century learning and teaching.

- Someone who wants to help you get the greatest impact from your exisitng technologies. and be astute in moving forward with techology in your school.

- Over 14 years of experience in working in partnership with schools.

- 2Simple Purple Mash Accreditated Trainer

- NAACE ICT Mark Assessor.


2Simple Accredited Trainer


My ICT Philosophy - Schools

I believe that schools should have a vision for how ICT can help the pupils in their school develop their 'digital competence' and to be aware of what impact their ICT investments are having in the classroom. Addtionally how technologies could help to improve organisation and communication to the whole school community.

My ICT Philosophy - Pupils

I believe that primary school ICT is about beginning to develop the 'digitally competent' individual. An individual who is gaining confidence in appropriately, respectfully and safely using a variety of devices and software to solve problems that may involve creating, communicating, collaborating, computational thinking, modelling and analysing data. Allowing them to become active and safe participants in a digital world.