Gareth Morgan

Curriculum & Educational Technology Consultant

Tel: 07512 739359      Email:

Tel: 07512 739359      Email:

'Developing    Embedding    Innovating'

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Helping you to update your current curriculum and prepare the way for new curriculum changes.


Helping staff to develop the skills and confidence to successfully embed digital  skills across the curriculum.


Helping you to develop a coherent vision and future development plan for ICT across your school - as a subject, as a cross curricular tool, and as a tool to support organisation and management.


Providing advice and guidance on some of the latest examples in the use of educational 'cloud' technologies.

Helping you to ensure that digital competency skills are firmly embedded across all curriculum subjects.


Helping you to ensure that you get 'value for money' from your existing technologies and software. What impact is this having on learning and teaching?




Keeping IT Simple!

Are you getting value for money from your technology investments? What impact are these having in the classroom? Providing advice, support and training to primary schools in curriculum design, the effective use of new and existing technologies in learning and teaching, and a whole school strategic approach to technology use. Helping schools to get the most from their technology investments & embedding digital competency across the whole school.


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ICT scheme now updated referencing new free Computational Thinking resources!

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