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Tel: 07512 739359      Email:

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Primary School 'Cloud Based' ICT Schemes of Work

  • Fully references the Digital Competence Framework.

  • Introduces coding.

  • Suggested links to the LNF and foundation phase profile outcomes.

  • Progression of skills from Nursery to Year 6.

  • Focuses on tools and digital resources that are freely available to all primary schools in Wales.

  • Provides exciting ideas for teaching a particular skill.

  • Used in primary schools across Wales.

  • Four versions of the scheme:

           Microsoft Office 365 / Just2easy / iPad apps

           Microsoft Office 365 / Purple Mash / iPad apps

           G Suite for Education / Just2easy / iPad apps

           G Suite for Education / Purple Mash / iPad apps

Cost - £150


Please contact me for further information or samples.

"In addition, a recently implemented scheme of work for ICT ensures good progression in the development of pupils’ ICT skills. As a result, pupils apply their skills well across the curriculum."

Estyn Inspection Report - July 2017