The Digital Den has been created as a 'one-stop shop' to equip primary schools teachers with a range of resources and tools necessary to successfully develop confident and competent digital learners.

The Digital Den hosts a fully updated and revised Computing in the Cloud digital skills development programme. Reference is made throughout Computing in the Cloud to cloud based platforms such as G Suite for Education, Office 365, Just2easy and 2Simple’s Purple Mash, along with other relevant tablet based applications. In this updated version, as well as up-to-date hyperlinks to external digital resources (such as from Hwb) and downloadable resource examples, there are also over 160 videos demonstrating to teacher how to use the tools! Being web based allows the programme to be continually refreshed and updated to reflect any future changes and to continually add new resources.

Annual Cost of £250 - please contact me if you require temporary access.

"In addition, a recently implemented scheme of work for ICT ensures good progression in the development of pupils' ICT skills. As a result, pupils apply their skills well across the curriculum." Estyn inspection report - July 2017 referring to the Computing in the Cloud skills development programme.